Monday, February 04, 2008

quality over quantity
Finally back from the wilderness of the outfield. Always good to be in the comfort of your home... but this time i'm really gonna miss my buds. The fact that it was our last hurrah made it all the more special: us giving the young 'uns a helluva run for their money. Bet they didn't think the old fogeys still got something up their sleeves, heh. And the new-age gear sure beats any lame-old laser-tag any day. But while the new gear is shit-cool and all, i wouldn't trade my place for it, for one thing, my back ain't gonna hold up much longer with those carry-alls hahaha...
Returned home to some nice maildrops. Guess you might be sick of seeing the same old proddy stuff on the sites out there, so howsabout some "real" hype shit?? hahah

Always awesome to have friendly peeps around with proddy stashed from yesteryear. Futura-infused ape tee for "Shadow of the ape sounds", especially liked it cos the Flavor Flav track is my fave from the set. Some "fly or die" red-hot print for the new year; and the quintessential beastly 'preme+nbhd collab. Much brotherly love to Dave! ha

Its back to the grind after the long lay-off...yep, back to clearing those 300+ mails..sheesh
Gotta kick it loose after spending such a long time in goretex boots, so i went with some midtowns...

Komfort Reigns Supreme! ha

Chill read on Eddie Cruz of Union, Stussy LA, Undefeated...

Andrew Reynolds' label Altamont apparel

interview with the great CAB

photo shoot "MUSE"

I really like these shots


And a pretty nice touch with a short write up on local boutique KnowItNothing

way to go guys!
new drops

not really new, but i love these packs...cowboy prints!

need that cute striped sweat
UE - Uniform Experiment

new venture from Hirofumi that looks a winner already, but how to justify the pricetag??

clean clean styles yet again from the maestro
Undercover - Summer Madness

Could this be the return to the good old print-work of UC?
Futura Labs

Damn, as if i do not have enough white tees...i'm lovin' these! argh
But, don't they look a little too "similar" to the upcoming Stussy artist series with Monsieur McGurr? hmmm....
off the leftfield...
Bape Spongebob Roadsta

Seriously a love/hate for this...can't fault the packaging though, hahhaa =)

someone bothered to summarize the Rambo series..

Working hard for the money...

So does anyone have the shot already?!?!

I miss Jess, esp since she got knocked up by the dirtbag...we can only do the boob watch thing now...

In absence of the old Jess, I have a new Jessica to "heart"... :)

Rihanna wears nothing but water in FHM Germany

and in case you're wondering, thats German she's been quoted on...can';t put it here in its literal meaning, but lets just say she likes it rough.. heh

New Bond girl Olga

i can't wait

Laters y'all

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