Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No Really, Its Up To You
I seriously have no idea where my energy gets sapped away these days. I literally plonked into bed and get knocked out till the next morning for work. Not that i drag my feet to work, but i sometimes think i need to upgrade my workspace a little, do some Feng Shui or somethin', else it zaps up all my chi, ha! =)
Pile of mail drop i got excited about the past few days:

I remember posting about my GDEH "this machine kills facists" tee a while back. I cant fit into it any longer, so that went my buddy KC's way. Lo and behold, thru sheer luck, i come across a larger size. For those who want to know a little more about the man behind the phrase (no, not HF!), peep some history about Woody Guthrie
Second tee on the right is right up there on my (long-long) grail list of "tees-to-get". One of the earliest in the line of "Nigo's Favorite Shop" print images, and ultra-rare if you consider it as a GDEH-Nigo collab. Lots of so-called headz talk about how HF will never collab with Nigo due to the mentor-understudy relationship, well, guess they didn't know about the EC/GDEH x nowhere/ape/Nigo collabs back in the day
tiger stripes

Speaking of bape, managed to snipe some good 'ol camo shorts. Just a simple tiger camo you say? Look closely, can you spot the ape head? Throw that thrash talk that Erik B is spouting about how Nigo aped his shit, with all due respect, have you seen anything trail-blazing from him lately?

More tiger's comin' from Taps Jungle BDU's. These will pair nicely with my other Bones shirt
hook ups

Last but not least, some nice hook ups from THELIST fam. Vis Skynyrds went straight to workwear, not too shabby i must add. Fenom Raws from the almighty Kev: from the feel of it, looks like its gonna take ages to flush out the blue bloods, haha
In Rainbows

In this current time of music being anywhere and everywhere, Radiohead still manages to stand out as the anomaly. Stripped of contractual obligations (they've fulfilled their EMI contract), the band have just released their album In Rainbows on the internet...with the price decided by the fans and listeners alike. This is what digital music should be about: without the fancy boxsets, album paraphernelia, just bare good ol' music - how much would you pay? Probably not the $15 bucks, out of which only a tiny fraction reaches the band and song writers themselves. Whats the worst that could happen? If i didn't like the $10 bucks i paid, i could simply share the album to a hundred others (its DRM-free), making it only worth 10cents. Or it could be so good that i encourage all my friends and previous non-Radiohead fans to similarly pay a token for music they'd enjoy
Corporations take note: So what if customers pay a couple dollars for the music, artistes, writers will gladly give them out for free. I bet the very best authors of our time would've done the same and it wouldn't have stopped them from writing the classics. Content is king in the artistic world, leave the plastic jewel-box packaging and anti-sharing software behind. Kudos to Radiohead for returning power back to the people
Bobbito AF1

I found the 1st round release of Bobbito AF1 low's pretty alright, but didn' really feel the colorways. These highs however, are another story, and certainly on another level. Clean, simple and in your face...and seriously how can you not love the wheats?! Anyone with an inkling of CO.JP's are gonna go weak in the knees for them wheats! hahaha
If anyone is able to pull in them brown lovelies for me, hit me up!
Rihanna by Ellen von Unwerth

Cindy by Terry Richardson

Cindy still hott!

Alessandro GQUK

i swear my heart skipped a beat


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