Saturday, October 13, 2007

Marc Jacobs x Richard Prince...for Louis V?

Now that collabo name almost sounds familiar doesn't it? For a moment there, i thought it was another new range of proddy for Supreme! HA!
Besides being real busy with a 1970 Dodge Challenger recently, Richard Prince found the time to work on Marc Jacobs' latest collection
Some interesting nifty looks/direction brought in, not sure of full impact till the actual release, but does LV really need Richard Prince?

The return of Spongebob! gah!
New AFFA 07/08AW digs from Jun

AFFA "formula for a new city"
The last is for UC: GoreTex shell x 3M Gene-Thermo Neo jacket (its a frickin' mouthful, but i bet its warm and flippin' water repellant!)

'nuff said (i want that photo T - help!)
10AC by Nike

Continueing the partnership for Uno Caol Showten, Nike JP drops new range of products. Peep (yeah, pics are tiny) the plaid jacket, sweatshirt and tracksuit, in addition to the 2-tone Footscape Woven Chukka and Trainer Dunk
A couple more of the wearables:

Simple - functional
FC Real Bristol
New kit for FCRB Futsal - polka dots are back! The big Yayoi-dots kinda reminds me of the CDG shirts

With designs like these for FCRB and 10AC, you begin to wonder why they even bother with those run of the mill sweatshop stuff they churn out week after week....
Pretty ok stuff usually, but i'm interested in these

Undftd x SSUR "wordplay"

keepin' it simple "untouchables"
Jody Morris photography

If the shots looked familiar, thats coz Jody Morris has more than 10 years experience as senior photog for Transworld and heaps more freelance work for Trasher, Skateboarder and just about every skateboarding publication out there. Peep his newly-upped site
Esqure names Charlize Theron as sexiest... YUP!

Victorias Secret Vanity Fair spread


Gisele for GQ Italy

VS alumnus Gisele looking way hot - i love Brasil!

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