Sunday, August 12, 2007


Medicom RAH Assasin by Kostas Seremetis
I really am trying to hold back on the ebay-trigger lately, but you just can't put down a good deal. Managed to snipe this on a low low price, and was pleasantly surprised by a more-than-robust packaging by seller - box was twice the size of the figure box to prevent damage! I like the articulation provided by the Medicom RAH standard, i guess thats why its industry preferred!
This will go great with my Kostas Hulk...but i may have to make a new acrylic casing to accomodate the 2. I'm stoked!
Kanye x Murakami

Takashi Murakami applies his Superflat anime touches to Kanye West's college dropout bear and more. Could a limited edition Murakami'ed Kanye-LV trunk/backpack collection be far off?
Surrender x Fenom: "war stories"

Part of the launch for the Unkle War Stories LP, Surrender unviels a hyper-limited 15-piece batch of customed 207 Fenom's. Featuring War Stories album artwork on the rear pocket, and embellished with signature Surr black Swarovski bling and Alan Forbes skull beltloop tags. Faster than you can say hype-overload, its don't wanna know the pricetag. Madness
Speaking of which, tour dates are up, so go check it for live performances
new Nexus7 drops

Tomohiro pulls out the stops and churns out yet more "reworked" classics. From vintage college football prints to even Polo's! Damn
More looks:

New Porter organiser and views of the vintage collection featuring the usaf and snoopy imprints
Visvim x Sophnet

Hmm, looking pretty cool stuff. I'm feeling the herringbone-camo Keifers!
Bijirushi Yoshida x Hug-O-War
Bijirushi Yoshida is a collaborative effort between Beams and YoshidaKaban (Yoshida&Company)
They have further collaborated with Masaki, designer of ladies-wear brand Hug-O-War, using the lush and beautiful Liberty of London fabrics bringing out the feminity and a touch of "nobleness". Peep pics of the collection:

Really lovely stuff imo, perfect for the lady-in-waiting

Nike Zoom - Quick is Deadly
Saw the new range of footwear at the local stores, as well as the dope posters. Created by long time collaborator W+K

Last one features San Diego Chargers Landainian Tomlinson. Peep the 60sec ad below:

Awesome ad to bring home the oft-repeated message "see it before you do it"

Found some old pics of Giselle

More Terry Richardson for Christian Lacroix goodness


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