Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Looks

New additions to the wardrobe: CDG herringbones to put a spin on the workwear; NBHD selvedge for the weekender

Also in the mail, military-inspired stitching by GDEHUK. These dropped long time back, glad i finally got 'em.

Yet another life-saver is that i've finally got my passes. No more long Q's in the morn for temp passes. And yes, those holographic thingies do turn up in photos (ha). Some new technology in there as well, biometric identification etc... i'm just waiting for retina-scans heh heh


Loving the new pieces from 07/08, very wearable
Nexus 7 hoodie

New hoodie by N7, the pocket and vent detailing looks good
HPP + John Smedley

Headporter Plus continues their work with John Smedley. With the freezing temperatures at work, i'm feeling the pairing with dress shirts. Peep the quality Smedley handiwork on the 2nd pic!
Bape + DC

Lots of peeps divided on this: too kiddish? too tired? too sold out?
Whatevs, for the moment, its still looking good, in the vein of baby milo-ish. I wouldn't mind the Flash or Batman :)

New prints outta UK: GDEH pumps out the signature full frontal printwork in summery colors. 2nd tee features the other GDEH UK design mainstay: stitchwork
24 "CTU" + G-Shock

Lots of peeps will be all over this one. Probably the closest you'll ever be to being Jack Bauer, heh. Dropping in Sept

Film: Neil Hartmann
Music: Hiroshi Fujiwara
besides wow, its awesome!


I really like this series of print ads for Havaianas sandals. Click to enlarge for a better look. In any case, it makes for a nice desktop/wallpaper, no? haha
Ads-new hire

But one of the best ways to get the message across is still to deliver the message. Sounds simple? only if you get innovative
Daisy Lowe

Some lovely images by TR while doing "research" for buddy S78, heh heh. From ID's couples issue

TR also did some awesome shots for Lacroix's newest collection
Heidi's still got it

Similar mirror-imagery on Heidi Klum for latest Arena mag. Damn, thats what i call a milf:


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