Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Wood

Supreme Bullethole Deck
Spotted on ebay but not much info on this. Who's it by?

F/W 07 should be dropping soon. The Moss makes yet another tee-print appearance, and i'm liking it (i have to, its The Moss!)
new drops @ Turntable Labs

All-over print caps by Subware
Speaking of which, i hear Recon JP is closing. Regroup for reorganization of theme and ideology perhaps?

I don't think i'll have much opportunity for haversacks at my workplace, but you never know (maybe short overseas trips?). So this Idiom pack could come in handy (and the price is so, so attractive
Human Nature

From the phrases of "straight up ridiculous" to "incredible", thats possibily all i can muster after looking at the pics of the "Human Nature" project by Fredrico Uribe. Supported fantastically by Puma, it showcases the insane talent and skills of the acclaimed Columbian artist.
You may call sneaker customization an artform, but this is what i call real shoe-art! Sick-sick-sick
Read up and check out the exhibition pics on FreshnessMag!
Yohji for Mandarina Duck

Mandarina Duck collabs with Yohji Yamamoto for "Y's Mandarina", tapping the stylish Japanese avant garde designer's take on incorporating carryware to clothing
Peep more from here


Got tired of all the summer blockbusters? Based on the simple and touching storyline of 2 Irish musicians falling in love, i'd say this is one movie to watch for 2007.
Check out the lovely trailer

Reef babes
Its National Day, so i'll be a little more patriotic and post some local babes from the local Ms Reef competition =)

And if you haven't caught on the black wave yet, you'd better
Power Google and

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