Thursday, July 26, 2007

walkaboutII - 7 heralds of Galactus
Couldn't keep a restless soul down, i popped out for a short walk around town. Picked up a couple of stationery and a handy moleskine. Really hardy stuff, think i'll run through 'em soon enough. Weather seemed fair enough to venture a short jaunt across the streets to Surrender
Simon Birch @ SRNDR
Ground level gallery taken up by busts done by Simon Birch. They were previously displayed at NAFA gallery for his recent exhibition "Azhanti's High Lightning".

Pretty cool to see them up close, though i'd love to see that gigantic 4metre Galactus bust (hah) and those photo prints

Not sure how long they'll be "hanging" around, but do check it out if you're in the area
One hot minute

It dropped
And disappeared in one hot minute. Surrender x Base Control Full Black Swarovski Skull
The Alan Forbes skull print is much hotter than the John Willie Bizarre print, imo, and its FULL of bling
Damn, so it goes...

The Mad TEE party
Theres Mad Hatter, and then theres me, a poisoned tee-fanatic
Futura Labs iconography

Not exactly a new drop, but seeing the iconography is breath-taking. Available now on accessories as well...sick

New NBHD collab print - looks pretty good. Somewhat like the "fight alone" and anniversary imagery
S2C "Yo Vinny"

This one is looking cute. I believe its a retro of the vintage "Yo Vinny" photo tee. Hmm, i think i may have to break my vow of not buying tees anymore (a vow which lasted 2 days i think, lol)
BAPE retro prints

speaking of retro prints, BAPE brings out their 4 most recognisable graphics and pays tribute in silver and gold foil ink. My fave is the "General Made" image, it has always been elusive for me. Can anyone help with a black/gold tee? (double damn, there goes my vow again, hah)

BBC have not been on my radar for the longest time, but this made me sit up. That girlie pic is too familiar, could it be... Rockin'JellyBean? Need more info here, but if so, hot-damn it could save them from looking like a 60's milkshake deli menu and put some "oomph" into the label.

And in other news, proof that there is a God and he answers prayers: Jessica Alba has dumped her bf

Not that i have a chance, but if God answers the first prayer...hmm

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