Friday, July 20, 2007


Really needed a timeout of sorts...sorry for the lack of posts for the past 2 weeks. Been clearing up my work and trying not to leave too much shit for the incoming (not that there won't be any new shit for him anyways... haha)
manik dust la rock

I quite like the artistic design for these tees by Dust La Rock for Manik skateboards. Get them @ Turntable Labs

Got Wood - Saw these woodgrain print graphix (also for Manik) for some time now. They should get the folks at Knot Wood happy. I feel woodgrain and skateboards really tie in well
new drops

N7 - TheWorldIsYours and AlPacino prints...looking good for the end of summer. Anyone able to hookup?

GDEH - Longhotsummer shorts. Despite the occasional showers, i believe this shorts are still pretty on point... hehe

Gucci - as i look forward to my days of wearing shirt&pants to work, i wish i can somehow incorporate this lovely pair of leather goodness into my wardrobe (not that i can afford the 5 bills for it, heh)
StreetWear Today
Received issue #21 in the mail. Yet again, package was ripped open for inspection even though postal said it was damaged in the mail. Yeah right, same rips every time, for the past year and a half? ha! guess they were thinking it was German Playboy hahaha
Anywho, Godfather Lenny graces the cover and its an interview not to be missed

"i just happened to be in the place where it happened">

Pretty in-dept chat and write up on one of the most influential artists of our time.

A short spread on Oakley, tracing the growth through the 80s, 90s and future

As if the F2K interview weren't enough to justify the coverprice, theres the Don "the Don" Letts and Michael Lau articles to complete the spectrum. Henne/artoo was the lucky dude who popped by HK for the close up with M-Lau

I seldom follow up on the Jap street mags these days, but thought i'd post up these pics of HF+KK visiting their pals (FIL HK, T-19, whiz). Peep the lovely prints on those T-19 decks!

Jap mags always have spreads featuring cool stuff to own for the season. I like this one showing all the new messenger bag designs. Hottest is of course the ACR x BagJack (i'm ok with 2nds if anyone is parting with theirs...)
Lazy XXX in da house

Finally got this bugger in the mail couple days ago. Happiness and sadness at the same time: Finally a Michael-scribed vinyl for the collection. Sadly, the bloody guys at HK postal f**ked up with some damages on the package resulting a couple of chip-offs on Lazy's feet; big part of the blame also goes to the seller for not even using bubble-pack(!) Sighs...

I guess you win some (it was a good price) and you lose some... at least it sits nice with my deadstock B/W
Florentijn Hofman's (giant) rubber duckie

Every year i look forward to the duck race at the river... but i do wish i could see this installation in person! Ha!
Check out Florentijn's work in France
Rihanna @ LiveEarth

In case you didn't catch the LiveEarth madness 2 weeks back, get all the vids up on the MSN site.
Highlights: LinkinPark (almost a full length concert) & Rihanna (of course) in Japan; FooFighters (thats how you ROCK!), Metallica (its amazing how all the words still stick in my head)in UK
Hottie for the day:

Emmanuelle Chriqui in a little black!


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