Saturday, July 07, 2007

se7en heaven
Been more active on 5D than the blog this past week. Go visit and contribute [if you dare] for a proper reality check away from hype-world :)

OG looks
left: s2c'02 world tribe*45rpm sorahiko*s2c.lowe alpine*FBT CL
right: phase0.2 stussy*RRL*Serra
mail drop cont'd

Tale of 2 bags
Almost can't keep my hands off the package when i saw the "R"...hahaha.
And its amazing how much/big Zembia has grown. I still remember the days of a yahoo site and dodgy-looking payment system. These days, you get printed dustbags, stickers, biz cards and even shipment envelopes with "fedex" logo! ha

A sorta Rastafarian pick up: Stussy x Resonate "feelin' Irie" form the 'bay and Supreme pocket T from Zembia

Tags: Can't fight the double-lightning; and red box on candycane

Left: ape "generals"*'47 southwest*s2c.lowe alpine*camo bapesta
Right: supreme pocket*s2c skull*olive wovens
Crystal method

Surrender drops a limited (online) run with BaseControl for some serious bling on their now-familiar John Willie "Bizarre" print. Stay with the boys for more drops scheduled.
edit: took down the fragment bling tee due to wrong info. thanks adley
recon threads

I have a soft spot for embroidered-logo polos, so this Recon spot at Turntable Labs gets the thumbs up

You know its serious when Stussy names a product after your last name. Sophnet is no stranger to the Stussy family of collaborators, but its not everyday you get your own pair of signature glasses.
Gravis on the downlow

Haven;t heard much from them lately...but doggie T's?
I miss them old Gravis x Resonate/GDEH joints
new UC check

I know its summer, but always leave wardrobe space for some quality checks/plaids
BXH Rockin'JellyBean - Erostika!

I always put off buying some rockin'jellybean products for other stuff, but it seems i can't hold off any longer! Wierd minds collide when Hikaru and RJB come together to produce sweet erostika! I must say, RJB is one who stays true to his creative roots: from the days of his hot-babe work for Mambo [who've sadly filtered off badly] to his b-grade comic tributes and old skool automobile grafix. I think its an excellent collab with BXH

Peep the collab and other BXH stuff [lovin' the "moon" tee] at SpanofSunset. Only 1 problem though, can anyone help with the postage? its pretty pricey getting it over the ocean. You know how to get to me, email's by the right

Since the official trailers are blocked by Paramount, this is the trailer everyone is talking about. JJ Abrams next project looks set to be blazin' hot.
Check out what others have talking at the water coolers...

sublimal messages drink...coca cola...mmm...
Jessica in GQ

THE Hotness Jessica shows off the must-wear of summer...and gives average guys [like me] some form of hope


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