Sunday, April 16, 2006

This and that

The Beatles tee is classic and almost iconic, much like the Rolling Stones "Tongue" imagery. It also spawned a whole range of similar designs of music origins. When done right, its a proclamation of iconography and a respective nod to the Fab Four...

Dipset and Wu Tang Clan manifest tees from Turntable Lab. Its not a direct link to the tees, i'd prefer you guys click thru' the treasure trove of stuffs at the Lab like i do *wink

And with the World Cup in Germany coming up real quick, how could you miss this?

Ultras tees available from the boyz at Drooghi.
kookies lets in on a new air woven. i can't wait

Quirky design from Plus Minus. A Flash USB memory drive that inflates to let you know how much more data it can hold!

Something for dads like Nik, baby cufflinks!

from Fancy jewels
Indie tee designers are plenty these days, it can only mean good things for consumers. Check out these cute gems from the London outfit Smut

Japanese designer Usugrow works with Famous Stars and Straps to give this sick tee. (i'm a sucka for skull tees, and these are da bomb)

Its highly rare to find Usugrow stuff, much less at such affordable prices, so go get them

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