Sunday, April 23, 2006

Time really flies by, the new quarterly issue of streetwear today drops again. I dunno about the rest of you guys out there, but i'm an info geek, cos hey, who's ever heard of having too much knowledge?

You guys can check out the main stuffs in the issue by checking the hype blogs out there, but here are some stand-outs for me:

CW: Plan B x Obey decks as seen in "untitled" exhibit; a "new era" of headwear (pun fully intended); new store updates; Shut skateboard's revival (yay!)

CW: Gabriel Urist works his magic; a nice chat with Juse from ihavepop; a cool selection of footwear for guys, ie: good guys wear black. sweet surrender!

Wanna see more? go get a copy yerself, heh

chillin' out to the tunes of DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist...smoove

Marc Ecko tags the Air Force One

No, i don't mean customizing (what fun would it be to blog that?). I meant the plane, not uptowns!

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