Friday, April 14, 2006

Its almost a given that i'm online too much. I spend way too much time surfing around the web, and i spend way too much anyways. I'm probably an advertiser's dream, i try my best to notice all the details. Not that i'm great at doing it, but i just enjoy it somehow. Any-who, check these sites out, coz if you're reading this blog, it means you have some free time anyway. Maybe you'll find something lovely for yourself or the ladies in your life

Check out Day-Lab run by lovely Amy Shutt. Knick-knacks and a nice selection of apparel

"Squirrel" tee by Crowded Teeth would suit Tommy just fine; and those "booby" buttons? grab 'em while you can! (ha, pun intended!)

Crowded Teeth
I was intrigued by the selection of Crowded Teeth stuff on day-Lab, so i decided to check out what else they had. Set up by yet another lovely young lass by name of Michelle, Crowded Teeth does the tees and buttons very well, with good looks on the lady hoodies.

Absolutely hooked on the "apple" print on the hoodie, but the "birds" print seem a little familiar. Maybe too much like Abe Lincoln Jr? Then again, i could be nit-picking too much.

shop by Naive
Tommy's little baby of a shop grows up real quick. On the surface, it might seem like another independent shop selling indie labels, capitalising on prints, embroidery, sewing, accessorizing etc. That is definitely not the case. Carefully thought-out and pieced together, its an admirable set-up. You get the complete package as envisioned by the creator herself. Its ok if you don't agree with her style, but at least its intelligent and no run-of-the-mill stuff. Personally, i think its smashing.
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Check her periodical "focus" updates on recommended mix/matches; and lovely accesories via Mosiac (that rope necklace is off the hook)

The shop's got a new update over the past few days
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New arrivals include X-girl LAapparel. Loving the belt and mauve windbreaker!

the write stuff
I'm always on the look out for refreshing designs on stationery. I enjoy getting something which piques my interest even more deeply than what is written on the card/letter/note, and i'm sure its the same if i gift it to someone else.
Peep Shorthand Press for a host of gifts i wouldn't mind receiving:

"Dictionary" card to send to loved ones and that "Riffraff" tee is too irressistable.

On the same note...

Send regal "thank you" notes from Greenwich Letterpress, via Luxe Paperie

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