Friday, April 14, 2006

see the light

Been having this irritating cough since last week. Flu, fever, interruptive coughing and a runny nose that couldn't be dammed. Seems to be recovering though, at least that's what i think, couldn't care less as i chug down yet another can of Cola and munch on chocs.

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Managed to get a nice little pick-up last friday from the boys at the Vault. Can't fault the Goretex uppers and speckled soles.

Some of this season's dot-dot looks:
muji boxers
paul smith's
nbhd raglan (ok, technically not polka dots, but i likes)

new stussy drops:

retro caps and folk-leather wallets

nice textura crew tee

supreme drops:


panel crew (retro-stylin'...nice touch)

fight club footwear
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Not sure if its affiliated to Flight Club NYC, i doubt it. In any case, grand opening on 22nd April. via alt snk.
BTW, A short write-up on the boys in Greene St in ny times

its a wrap
Politically/morally incorrect? probably
Attention-grabbing? yep
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