Monday, March 20, 2006

hot rocks
Posting up some of the stuff lingering and simmering...
2 Casio G-shocks for the upcoming World Cup, with nice little detail prints and cases:
image hosting by Brazil
image hosting by Germany

Black Mic collaboration for the recent hip-hop collective
image hosting by

Casio x Haze 15th anniversary watch...dope!
image hosting by

image hosting by imagevenue.comimage hosting by
Drooled over the Soph x Visvim apparel a few posts peep the shit-hot Soph x Visvim pack. Dayum!....And talk about hot stuff, nobody does the collabs/packs better than them crazy boys from nippon. The Nike pack comes in a Soph shoe bag, changeable printed insoles, and cute bling! (no idea if its a Gabriel Urist though, haha)

Stussy chapter exclusives (aka you ain't gettin' em)
image hosting by Stussy Ueno
image hosting by Stussy Yokohama

happy monday!

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