Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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You know you have a friend when:
a) he knows exactly how you'll feel once you open the mail;
b) he packs the promo/store cards that you love; and
c) he delivers the awesome tee you want.

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Finally got the Stussy LA Party tee, much props to Zack, can't thank the man enough! From the huge-ass Afikka Bambatta print to the signature Stussy party roster on the back, the tee ranks high on my list.

And it must definitely be my lucky day when i met up Jon later in the evening...a freakin' Camacho! LOL
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Absolutely love this critter, released some seasons ago by Supreme. This buster's 1 of 100.
Gonna go S2C crazy on the updates...just peep the pics:
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Stussy x SevenStars

image hosting by"Crusty Punx" design
image hosting by Varsity Henley
image hosting by Stock Skulls (check out the stand-out skulls! sweet!)

Speaking of friends, the friendly guys of Limited Edition have come together to present an auction of 3 hot SB's: Rayguns, Tiffany's and Pushead. Happening on the 17th and 18th of March, it will also incorporate an SB exhibition and launch. This will be a tribute to our late buddy Ibrahim, who inspired us with his passion for sneakers and his humble nature. Peace be with you, Ibby.


RTHQ said...

WOW! Awesome pickup on the black Camancho. That was a friends and family only colourway.

xymon said...

hey Nik, thanks for the comments! yea, its a dope find (thank god for great pals)...i might have other "critters" coming my way too! lol