Monday, March 13, 2006

eyes wide shut

Had a sleepy weekend, and i seriously wonder what i did during the 2 days that simply flew by me...gdeh uk-casio x ec-levis southwest soil-bapesta denim. got nice looks for the get-up, though they were probably eyeing the kicks more (shakes head)

melting skull
new temptation from Hikaru and gang (bet RTHQ will be all over this)


The Stussy World Tour retro set have started dropping at stussy direct. More to come

Most peeps liked the Stussy x SevenStars tee i posted a while back, peep the matching (and much hotter imo) jacket:


Mixco FC puts out some dope stuff for the footie crazy fan out there, and insane installation furniture. ha

Addict clothing for girls

hit up addict clothing for the new stuff for your better half. x Visvim
this is one collab that's high up on my list of must-haves. Anybody able help me out with them? please?

Spring drops:
Levi's x Fenom

You've prob seen them in other sites and on BGHD already, so here's another, with a peek at the jacket as well.


Yep, get them before you miss 'em. Stil love their "f@#k gucci gucci" tee though. ha.
Look for them at just another rich kid

40/40 club soon to hit the shores of Singapore in 2008. I wonder where it will reside? the new IR's?


anti-social makes some nice looking decks, go spend.

Have fun clicking y'all...

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