Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hope you guys have a nice weekend...
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I quite love this new milk soda by Lotte. Loosely translated, it means "not happy" or "buay song" in our colloquail Hokkein dialect. Definitely in a quirky mood of late

A couple links to bookmark/visit/spend:
Check out Atypyk's e-shop
Quirky stuff that somehow just makes sense.
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"be tough" tee and "happiness" credit card holder

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a smart "wastepaper" basket - fully washable, non tearable
Can't believe i let this slip under my radar. Stylised in the Eddy Merckx era: "understated yet racy, fitted yet flattering", Rapha takes performance styling to another level.

Drop them some mails, definitely worth the money.

"Over ten years ago, Andrzej Tylkowski started his first simple ink drawings on scraps of paper" a means of communication between him and his wife.
Its seriously as funny and intimate then as it is now. Bridging the gap bewteen the popular and the artistic card, Illustri is more than just scribbles. I have lots of fun journeying through the site (keep clicking and wait for it to load!)
Nick & Warren

Hit up this link, click on "fashioning the future - mutation" for something that should be very familiar to Mekanism fans. Read a nice thorough interview at "untold truestory" and RTHQ. then buy the decks and tees at jrqjd

now thats what i call linking...
new drops:
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Hit up digital gravel for the new freshjive c.r.e.a.m. collection.

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Swift camo finally drops. It may be Summer soon, but you'd better hurry for you know they'll fly off the shelves real quick.
Get them from the Addict site (link up top) or from urban industry. Psst, i need the Method swift hoody, guys :P
random pix:
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Heidi Klum for Sports Illustrated 06 (yums)

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