Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"ok big boys, shut up and do your thang!"

Hmm, 12 days to X'mas. And i've haven't had much fun shopping yet. Still thinking of some "last-minute" grabs this weekend for a couple of guys & gals. Definitely the credit card companies' fave season i say. Quite a few shopping malls opening up to longer hours this year after last years' success (ie: kaching). But knowing every shopper and mysef only too well, opening longer hours will only mean more procrastinating. You know, mulling over and over, to buy or not to buy, only to snatch it the next day, when the mall staff opens doors first thing in the morning.

Lots of sales all over, the Gucci's, Versace's, Club 21s blah blah. I've grown immune to them over the years. Somehow, i don't get excited anymore. (i) it's still bloody ex after the "discounts" (ii) those on sale are always the icky colors. case in point: the little Gucci handbag with green leather trimming. eww (iii) the unseemly crowds

Some new stuff spotted though:

Not that i'd buy them. But i'm open to gifts, thank you :)

New Stussy Customade tees, designed by Phil Knott

Suicide in Hollywood

Look for them in the party pics and Hollywood illuminati soon. In the meantime, head to Nice Produce for your fix.


Nixie watch

The Cathode Corner Nixie Watch displays the time on nixie tubes, which are quaint neon display tubes once used in calculators in the dawn of recorded history (1969). It is a two-digit wristwatch designed for everyday use, being water-resistant and rugged.
Individually numbered and production runs of 50, peep them at Cathode Corner

to watch:
Spike Jonze is a genius.
His GAP tv ad, up for ad awards

Amazing stuff, watch as these guys bomb a train that just pulled into the station.

Right-o, last post for the day. A hunt that went for ages, finally comes into fruition:


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