Sunday, December 18, 2005

don't it make you smile
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Time sure flies, met up with the uni clique last nite. Some have new jobs in the new year, others still having their cushy-big-bucks-daily-grind, and yet others (2) who are still lovely as ever. Evening's nut-shell flow: warm seats, yummy sashimi, cool mall aircon, swarmy streets, sardine-packed throngs, secluded dessert spot, comfy sofa's, chilly desserts, dazzling smile, reluctant goodbyes.

me at 2am:

i'm a little on the furry side, but i don't bite

Funny thing about x'mas though, i've never looked at it as an gifts-exchanging sort of thingie. Its always been a gifts-giving situation for me. Not that i'm a loaded rich kid, but i always felt that a gift no matter how simple/small, as long as its been well thought out, will mean so much more. But i've never felt bounded by seasons. why should we wait till a particular day in the calendar to get that friend a special gift? And be pressured by the ringing tills of the shopping malls that signal yet another person has got that "x'mas gift", and not you. If you can't find the right gift, then don't compromise, thats wat i feel. But that ain't gonna look good during the festive period, you say. I agree, thats why i either spot the gift months ahead to buy and keep it till the 25th, or give it right away. You'll be richly rewarded with a surprised and deeply appreciative response. To me, nothing beats the beaming smile you know is gonna be on that someone's face when he/she opens the wrapper to find something he/she had mentioned yearning for eons ago; or that what you've bought fits unbelievably perfect.

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much thanks to Jaslyn(CD) for the patient service

thursday walkabout
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Surface 2 Air
Hung around town after work, still not used to work after the "long" leave, lol. Popped into Surrender. The John Willie inspired tees have been on the racks for some time.

High quality stuff, i might add. Full all-over heavy print on contrasting tee (black on white and vice versa) with lots of embroidery and print details:

new stussy tees:
sure looks like gift-wrap paper

Buy shirts, prints, art, books, etc from Umbrella Market?
fecalface, delphi collective, crown farmer, jeremy fish, darkroom, mars-1 supply the goods.

have a safe week ahead


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