Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Broke out the "beauty rulez" tee for a rare occasion. What's to celebrate? nothing really, i like to randomly name any day a nice occasion. Sounds dumb as i read back what i typed. But seriously, i'm not stupid enough to deem everyday a special one. But as luck would have it, i even managed to get a rare sms, with a surprising Beatle music attached! lovely, not to mention touching as well.
Downtown seems to be building up a nice momentum for credit card meltdown over the next 10 days. I now fear driving on weekends, i might meet someone with road rage or i'll turn into one soon enough. ha


The line of tees for the 2000AD exhibition are up on PlayLounge. Tado needs to design tees for large-sized peeps


Felted Poker
denim moment

Remember this competition from Levi's Japan?

The contest Bearbricks are on display in Tab Device. Check out Edison's pic:

You can (technically) buy the winning designs at Levi's Yahoo JP store

Also spotted the lovely Levi's Laser Art project (everyone and their granny is just jumping on the Laser bandwagon huh?) available for sale.
You can choose these icons to be "emblazoned" on your denim:

Not really feeling them, but customization/bespoke fashion is still the new black for the forseeable future.

Edison & HF had a little promo done for Levi's Taiwan recently. Photographed no less by Leslie Kee himself,
you know the project is gonna be serious
seeya laters

doing the look-back, peep the killer spikes

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