Sunday, November 20, 2005


My buddy Ibrahim asked me about one of my tees the other day, so here's a clearer pic:

Something for the 10th anniversary of Jun Takahashi's Undercover circa 2000. Its fantastic as an undershirt (under:cover, get it?), long before BaseControl. I'm pretty partial to nondescript tees these days. Coupled with my healthy obsession with vintage tees, it might be my view that you should be comfortable with what your like and wear them, not be loud and show others that you too have the dough to own that next hot tee. Its a thin line between being affected by hype and what hype wants to follow.

and we have a winner....

this is like, gonna be on my wishlist for the next 3 years (until the next console comes along)
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PeaceRocker420 said...

great blog, love the pics....peace