Sunday, November 13, 2005

shit is bananas
Been a crazy week...though not in the "happenin" and "rockin rollin" kinda way i wish for. I feel like a rant coming...but even i can't muster the energy for it (that's rare lol). And i can't even blame it on something else. Shite, and i thought i had quarter-life crisis all sorted out.
Work's been a mess, and i expect a snowball of calamitous proportions to form: should i run from it, or be crushed and hope to live? Gosh, i love how perspectives shape people's thoughts: i ain't as unpressured and cool about the mountain of workload as i seem man. The fact that i managed it doesn't mean my workload should encompass "mountain-loads" everytime!

Urh, whatevs

Had a little downtime, and went to the tight Kostas setup at Surrender. I like the looks of "interceptor" prints...too bad not all(90%) of the peeps in there were for them i suppose. But it was nice to finally put a physical face and see the Man who makes the stuff which i really dig. Heading to these places somehow makes me feel alienated from the whole trend/hype/style/thingmajig that is "street" these days. Can't seem to find someone else i can touch base on. I must be getting old. :P
Brought along a copy of Superhero & Six, and a CompleteFinesse tee...was thinking of letting the man sign. But seeing how he's being badgered by the hounds, i just leave it in my pack, i'd think he's had enough. Maybe some other time we'll meet

Mr Kim prob sums it best in this neat article in it at EM press

I'm plastered, have fun with the pix and linx:
Terriyaki Boyz ala Bape makeover


If you don't know Muji, then its high time you do
read the Observer article for info fodder, before heading to Muji JP and Muji English


LILL custom handbags should bring cheers to the ladies

Toyota Aygo
U know they have something special when the site for the new car looks this yummy

Shape of things to come: Cube
From the epitome of cool...the Big Apple will get a glass Apple (sorry for the bad pun)

Blue Balls
Nope, not what you think...but this has got to be the in the top 5 amazing sites, for now at least
blue balls - the fun starts when u really focus on just 1 of the tiny buggers.



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got any info on the white camo hoody that Ilmari is wearing?