Saturday, November 19, 2005

its been a while, just thought i'd check in once in a while...

bape sounds tee + lEvis 1937

You know x'mas is coming when you get mail offers on "best deals", "spectacular extravaganza" blah blah; the streets in town are lined with red and green; lamp posts start to play "seasonal" muzak - its funny coz we only get 2 seasons here: Humid & Wet and Humid & Dry, hence i do not understand the relevance of "winter wonderland"; stores everywhere start to churn out their winter catalog....I fear for my wallet.

I do have a couple of items on my "want" list though, feel free to hook me up. Trust me, you'll gain a good friend (plus, i won't bite):
W)taps gear: jacket, tees
"Teenage Lust" deck
Visvim FBT or Christo

Hmm, not that long of a list huh? Ah well, i can't think too much, i'm getting distracted now and then, which is just as well.

My buddy Tom says i'm nuts with the tees, yeah well...he's right.. haha. Finally get to strike one of my list of "Tees to get":

Supreme x Bathing Ape

I know i'm late on this, but i just saw the link in my bookmark
Yann Arthus Bertrand
If you happen to be along Scotts Road outside Borders, peep the exhibit for the beautiful prints. Speechless

180 Premium - 95ukp

Randy & Moss

Look for new issue of Untitled come Jan '06. bread and butter

Lil Pink Devil

New Starck for Richard Mille


thisisnaive's Shopopens

via FreeProblem


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