Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Riddle me this*Riddle me that
What's the relation between a well-made shoe and a 80's band?

Answer: The FBT shoe by Visvim was named after the 3-man band The Fun Boy Three, who were pretty popular during the early 80's, even featuring Bananrama on some of their releases. But what's more, the band's musical roots were based on the 2-Tone era. Now that's the real meaning behind the name of the latest Visvim release, not only because there's really 2 color-tones on the shoe.
Now, don't you feel smarter already?
Don't just believe me, read about it
much thanks to buddy naive for the tip-off

Collector 0709 lives the stuff of dreams fanboys like us will gladly suffer for. Either that, or we wish our family business was printing money or something related. A mint condition 12" Gardener Tattoo hand-made-painted by master craftsman Michael Lau. I don't think there's many parallel in other planes of collecting hobbydom (damn, i made lots of new words today). Even if you had the cash to splurge, its so limited in production that you still wouldn't be able to find a seller. And even if you do track down the elusive collector, chances are, he too will be glad to die and be buried with his Gardenergala momento. I'd say its like searching for a deadstock OG AJ1 in your size, or the '84 AJ1 in metallic green/blue/red...knowing that ace collector Hiro has all those and NOT you. Its that tough, kids.
Anywho, peep the Gardener thread at the haven for all toy-freaksningyoushi

mini Woz figure of hacker/Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak
Interesting interview and background on the fellow co-founder Steve Jobs - Guru behind Apple


one for the memories - 1 will flow to my buddy, season's greetings eh?


Ibrahim R. said...

thanks again for my t-shirt holy grail. the kindness will be repaid. happy holidays.

Rufus said...

This is one of my favourite ever tees. Mine is practically falling apart from overuse. I love to rock it with my praline/pony wovens, but only on super-special occasions.

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