Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yet another piece of nostalgia arrives in the post. Appreciative props to whoever takes care of clothing as good as me.
I read an interesting excert about "What your t-shirt says about you" that goes something like: "...those who wear cartoon tees are young at heart, easily nostalgic, and probably collects toys...". I almost thought that someone who wrote it was right behind
In any case, here's something for those that like message tees article

Purple and Bone Stussy court force due prolly early Dec.

Her royal Highness still rocks

pics courtesy of last night's party

Saw Maddie's vid recently...damn, she is turning out fine eh?

Rumbling along soon is the yearly ZoukOut party...

Held at the island resort beach of Sentosa, "ZoukOut will transform the sandy landscape into a magical clubland with four stages featuring a broad spectrum of genres including house, tribal, progressive, techno, trance, electro, indie, hip hop and of course the very popular Mambo Jambo."
I still remember the 1st party 5 years ago, for the millenium....ah, memories...
Head to ZoukOut website for more info

Marc Newson x Signeo

Marc Newson sure is a busy man. Check out his latest work for an audio player for Signeo

Kylie 06

bet my buddy Ibrahim will love this Kylie 06 calendar scans

Fuss Clothing have some new JaguarSkills tee in, hand-printed-individually-numbered 'nuff said.

GDEH furry dice?!

not something i'd put in my car, but if for free....

Just gotta add this in...sorry if i'm late, but its way too funny
legO-zone doing "dragostea din tei"


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Ibrahim R. said...

you do get a lot of spam comments. by the, michael bolton concert? wtf!

nice kylie calendar. the less skimpy, the better.

Deez said...

That WTaps tee is on fire!!!