Sunday, October 23, 2005


Finally got the CommandZ tee i always wanted. I always liked the idea of a satellite group, where each entity get to have its own niche direction, but yet still have the same focus someway or another. Its probably harder to implement in this day and age of $$-comes-first...but then again, maybe thats why the "previously-independant/underground" labels and individuals are deemed the forefront of street style these days.

Rival did their debut with a collaboration with Gravis in 1999, and
now they are ready for another big hit. They will be available in two
colors, Moonstruck and Phantom. 300 pairs made in each colorway. Only
available at Gravis Tokyo on 10th December.
(thanx Katsuya)


Collection 2’s title, aformofwar, is an extreme and direct reference
to the position SVSV™ takes against other street wear and luxury

View the complete line and the impending online launch in Nov SvsV - Serum vs Venom

Following pics of the upcoming Fenom "disco" denim...these are much better(imho).
Fenom 207 vintage

Fenom 505 vintage

All with lovely selvedge and only readily available at your local one-per-customer stores worldwide or course.

Mr KGB aka Killer Gerbil's artwork on show... man's got skillz
Go peep 'em here the Killer Gerbil

First things first, the answers:

Tha Questions:
1)Is she my girlfriend?
2)Do I know her on a personal level?
3)Would I like to know her on a personal level?
4)Do I think she is hot no matter what you guys think?

that's all to dreamland


Anonymous said...

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Ibrahim R. said...

she's got a huge navel dude ...