Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stop Press: I never have a normal day

New Ish from the STW2D team drops on the 14th (thats tomorrow, kids!) featuring exclusive and behind the scenes interview with Nike SB's Sandy Bodecker, brand and shop features, not to mention over 40 pages of fashion gloss to whet your appetite for the next 3 months!

Head to for more issue details and order info.

Fashion from Gehenom
More updates from my buddies...the LMAC site is up and running! With renewed focus on minute details, these limited edition clothing will be a work of labor and love. Exclusively available only at the website, the handcrafted and mad limited pieces also feature fabric distressing and hand-washed effects.
For the boys and gals:

be quick

launch of Diamonds & Bones at H-street 22th Oct

in case you didn't catch the word of the day up top...
Made up words in The Simpsons

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