Saturday, October 08, 2005

New edition
Its been consecutive 13hour-days for me and i'm flat out. But its still no excuse for me to neglect about the latest issue of Streetwear Today.

Steven and his merry men (and girls) have been busy the whole summer bringing you guys the next edition of their "magazine". Why is that in apostrophe, you may ask? 'Coz simply, i don't think the word "magazine" suits STW2D (the abbreviation of course, aren't i smart?). Its more like an industry publication, meticulously sifted through to strip away the artificial gloss that is known these days as "hype", bringing you the insights to the who wears the label, the people behind the label, and if they could, what the label is made of....ok, so i made the last bit up, but you should know what i mean.

So what will this issue bring? Besides featuring Mr SB (known as The One to hype-kids) himself on the cover, peek at Tenderloin's and Twelve Bar's backgrounds, a photo collage of Jeff's UXA, Jakuan and 360toy group, store features including Grandism, Livestock and Wellgosh, the list goes on....
Let the pics do the talking:

So head to STW2D and get your subscriptions in and let them know you heard it from here!

Luigi's Diamonds & Bones are churning stuff out real quick, check their new tee for Phase 2:

They have some cool skateboard stickers as well, go email him for more information:

Peep the new adidas !sign series (the same series that brought the infamous bathing ape x adidas superstars). This time, with the resurgent Michael Cromer aka MCM!

crazy stuff yet pal Ibrahim will sure to love this! check Being Hunted news section for more info.


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