Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ride the next wave

New package dropped a couple of days ago(thanks john, enjoy your vacation!)...Stussy SF tee for the Imaginary Foundation exhibition. Get it here and be sure to check out their other dope designs!

I previewed a couple of upcoming limited edition New Balance Classic footwear, including the 1500, 576 and 860 sometime back(always the first with the NB tip, don't believe me? go check my archives)...heres the upcoming Tier 1 release in the US

Whats Tier 1 series? A new boutique line of limited edition footwear(1000 per model for now)dropping in May. Premium leather, worksmanship, with comfort of outmost importance...for more info, check here via Fixins

Ever wanted a tee thats spouts your anger? get them here from Pottymouth clothing
NB: thats the safest tee design i could find... lol

The local Gov recently decided to legalise casino gambling(yes, in a sense, we are lil' behind times)...but seriously, the debates, consensus, possible social ills, safe-guards blah-blah were unnecessary....we all knew they'd build one anyway. Its like strolling down Orchard Road(shopping district in Singapore) in October, looking at the changing street decorations and wondering "Is Christmas coming already?"
Its inevitable

I just can't wait for the strippers, strip shows, live nude reviews...oh wait, i'm talking about Singapore here...looks like i'll settle for the customary magic shows and concerts by ageing "stars"...yay (notice the excitement in my voice)

Laters, my friends

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vicente rodrigues said...

i like the 576kg blk/grn. siiicky.