Tuesday, April 12, 2005


My bad if you've been checking my blog expecting an update...will get down to it soon enough, promise.
Nothing much exciting lately, finally caught up on some episodes of Desperate Housewives (dope story, hot ladies) and CSI (i'll watch anything related to them). Thankfully, not every show on tv is as good as these 2, or else i won't be leaving my room. Then again, theres the net...always to keep tabs on the pulse of things as well as download good stuff like Ghost in The Shell episodes on BT(that reminds me, i need to get back to episode 3 in a while)

Elsewhere in street culture-dom, the usual hype in the race for the next big thing continues...and takes a sort of interesting turn in the case of Freshjive. Well, it could be a real lawsuit...simply filing one is easy. Thing is, its probably much more than that. FJ is prolly using the opportunity to create hype(coincidentally for their parody tees in question)...its too quiet for them for a long time imo, i guess time is ripe for them to challenge the consumers like before. But this "incident" does give rise for the young kids out there to give some thought.
Lots of people think Shawn Stussy is still in charge of the label...well, NO. He's been away since the 90's...remember when the label went into a decline then(if u happen to be around then)? The label changed hands, Shawn chilled out in Kauai living the good life...i guess he;s probably the smart one among us. Over the last couple of years, stussy has enjoyed a revival of sorts...we all love the retro feel, the vintage look, especially the photo tees...they were so reminscent of Shawn's styles in those 80's ads. Fact is, they were...only they were blatantly reproduced. The Jap crowd simply adore Shawn's style and ads and bought over the licensee agreement, made them into limited edition tees for their local chapter store exclusives. The rest of the world caught on and forgot about the main US line, only chasing what was limited, creating new lines like Customade etc. This was well and good, but it still didn't hide the fact that the main line wasn't as thought out or well designed (in my opinion of course)
And recently, the Jap have bought over the label...hence the giant revival of retro prints...wonderfully done to coincide with stussy's 25th anniversary. So what do we have is sort of a tug of war feeling. On one hand we get those awesome prints...on the other, think of how Shawn must be feeling having all the reissues churned out after another...

food for thought, hmmm

Last one
SBTG (mark) posted pics from his exhibition held recently SBTG(D) Hall of Fame...yes, he is that good, the shoes and tees are really that clean and dope for real
Peep his samples for the unkle collab. And for those that didn't know, for the record, he had the samples done WAY ahead of the official nike release. It might be a case for him to get pissed and angry with nike or anyone who thinks he ripped off the nike shoe...but think of it in another way, nike had to use HIS idea and custom design to make that hot shoe...now that calls for major props.



Slam said...

the auction for those SBTG X Unkle samples on ebay is going through the roof!

xymon said...

slam>> yeah...it is VERY dope in person, excellent quality as expected. i've no comments about the price though, since its always subjective. needless to say, resellers always win. if SBTG sold it for us$1000, people will say he's nuts, but if an auction goes for $2k, its "understandable"...what a world we live in huh?

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