Sunday, April 03, 2005

Flame On!

Looks like this year's gonna be a pretty eventful year for fan-boys like me in movie-world. Right after Sin City opens comes this excellent trailer for Fantastic Four! Its hidden as an "easter egg" on the official movie site(click F4 after the intro sequence to open) or u can click here (you need Apple QT to view)
One common link between SinCity and F4? Jessica Alba of course...fwoarr...

The trailer focuses more on The Human Torch, which is utterly cool(besides Invisible Woman(Jessica Alba)

Heres more of Ms Alba...hotness...for GQ mag

and as Nancy in Sin City

sorry if its Jessica overload...too early in the morning for me to care. But like Paris Hilton says "Thats Hot!" =P

Some cool stuff from the web:
Transparent Screen
Ever wondered how to spiff up your desktop? this is an excellent idea

from this flckr site

Web Zen garden
I always wanted one of those portable zen gardens but they're always so frickin' ex...this will be much cheaper
Zen Garden


This DJ rocks....LOL. Check it out here

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Slam said...

that desktop is crazy!! so is jessica alba though :-)