Saturday, April 16, 2005


It not only rained, it poured today
Well, not the ferocious winds and rainfall like hurricane season elsewhere in the world, but its been some time since we last had anything similar.
...something like my last blog update... hahahaha

The pic above is from this blog by Sam: the explodingdog
With a name like that, you can't resist to click i tell u...this guy is simply prolific..and he does drawings prolifically simple...which is just awesome to me

Micah Bauer has also done the same, but on a slightly different level of art form...check out his 365 art piece project. Micah J Bauer graphic journal

Seems like today might be an artistic day...
This might be old news, but still lovely news to me:Michael Lau G-shock

that alone sends tingles down to my toes...i adore the guy and his vinyl crafts(others call them toys..pfft,
see more here
If anyone has a hook up for these...please please help me out here (if not, i might be so distraught i won't post anymore...)
yeah, like anyone is gonna care...just help me out if u know where/when to get them? thanks!

If u happen to be spending your time at home or in front of the pc most of the time, u might feel really bored. Cos unlike what others(ie. me) tell you, the net has nothing interesting. Well, a quick way will be this spiffy site. tracks all the news events around the world and presents them to u in the way it mirrors real life: how inter-connected we really are... superb work from Craig Mod. Major kudos!
warning: its addictive once u start clicking

ahh....we've come to prolly the last part of the update

I can't believe how i managed to miss this

I always like to think we all have a part to play in this world...however small the effort, we can make peace a reality...sings:"for u and for me, and the entire human race..."
So with much regret, i present the World Poop for Peace day...which unfortunately fell on yesterday, April 15th.
But i have no doubt you celebrated some way or another... hehehe

Alritey...had fun with the update, hope u too

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Slam said...

update is great - stussy tee is fantastic!! Xymon - can you email me when you get a mo'