Monday, January 17, 2005

Vans x Addict Clothing competition

Check out RTHQ's contest for these cool vans kicks. Theres nothing more recognisable than Vans' monogram work on these retro babies!

New store in town Surrender is gonna burst open soon (about time, been under wraps for far too long). Coming from the Royalefam gang, its definitely hot stuff... how hot? can u say Maharishi, Visvim, Methamphibian, Unkle among other collabs? For a sneak preview, peep this cool Maharishi x Unkle x Surrender snopants...thats some cool change

Have u visited Mr Philippe Starck lately? I like how the man thinks... adhering to the K.I.S.S philosophy - Keep It Simple Stupid!, if i can only steal a bank to get them lovelies!

Porter x Playstation PSP carrier/case
First off, have you even seen these guys on the market, much less in your friend's palms?

Heck, i'll get the Porter case, who cares about the PSP... LOL

OGI graphic pic of the day:


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