Thursday, January 06, 2005

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Going a little technical today...

Space explosion causes bubbles...maybe God has gas?
From website

Comet Macholtz...coming nearest to Earth on Jan 7th

Mr "moneybags" aka Bill Gates' PC crashes during Tech show...hey, at least it proves that we are all getting the same software!
Boo-boo at CES

On the same note, check out C.E.S org

I'm always impressed by the Japs...after reading this article, i'm a firm believer.
Jap scientists perfect the Ramen
in other news, hordes of fresh grads rush to be scientific researchers in new field of Science called Ramen-tology....

Yet another example of tax dollars going to waste... babies cause stress... DUH, what next? "scientists suspect water might be wet and fire is hot?"

After the tragedy of the Indian Ocean Tsunami...North Am residents are next on mother Nature's list...Those in the Central region braces themselves for a 123 punch by the N, W and S storms. "A two-or-three-times a century type of thing"

ok, enough of the bad news (hope folks in north Am turn out fine)
heres a regular feature of my blog lately... "oops" pics...
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someone needs to visit her waxer

cheers, have a safe weekend



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