Sunday, January 09, 2005

the fairy tale ends

Finally got to have a walk in town yesterday...i really do miss the idyllic walks, the carefree strolls and coffee breaks at the sidewalk cafes. Plus, school days have finally started, the streets are pretty clear of pesky teens(yay)...until noon, that is. Thats when every, and i mean every teen from every single school came out in full force selling flags for the Red Cross and various associations for the Tsunami fund. Heys, i can't complain, they were doing it for a good cause. But the least i would have expected was for them to be better behaved when outside of their school compounds. I do understand that kids being kids will always misbehave, and adults being adults will always view them with a sceptic and disapproving eye, every single action they do is prone to adults' derision. But then again, kids should at least be given a talking to on how to project themselves in public...sighs...
sorry if it sounds "holier tha thou", guess its the "i'm right, you're wrong" mentality in me coming out... i should just relax and let it be. After all, i am after all a "neighborhood" kid myself when growing up as well, and saying all that can be seen as a hypocritical move...all i hope for is that they do not become stigmatised by the public perception, that they may realise that they too are as good as those kids from "posh" or more reknowned instituitions.


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"Every mortal loss is an immortal gain" ~ William Blake
Go support "Project Tsunami" by Royalefam and Ambush, they have launched a tee, where all profits from the sale of the tee will be donated to the International Red Cross. Last i heard, a kind soul bought 100 tees at one go...(cheers to Earn, Mark et al)


Ever heard of a security patch for a security patch? It can only be Microsoft

Hero of the day goes to Mr Keiji Ikeda... Call him Mr 003

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