Wednesday, January 05, 2005

go shorty,
It's your birthday
We gonna party like it's yo birthday
We gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday

"i love to rock my gold for the ladies"

Yeah, i woke up early this morn',
chauferred to a wonderful breakfast at Four Seasons in a Maybach no less,
took a short stop to pick up some Franck Muller bling,
and a set or two of the latest Vuittons,
had high tea at Fullerton,
sped down to the showroom for my new Lotus Exige (bright yellow),
and ended the wonderful day with a quiet dinner at Mortons...

... a pretty eventful day don't u think?

What? you really believe all that? you should've stopped at the part where i woke up early! LOL

Anyways, it was a really normal day for me...the usual routine to work and stuff. But i really appreciate the sms's and messages left on my icq that was sent to me throughout the day, from the early morn to a couple moments ago...just glad that u guys remembered me, sniff *wipes tear away from eye*

On to the day's interests...
Know how to dismantle a 35 room mansion, incidentally owned by a guy i consider the man with the best sales pitch? Its yours for free

In line with my recent trend of "lucky people" stories, Heidi Klum agrees to tie the knot with Seal... no its not a benefit for the worldlife fund, i meant the singer Seal...
the lucky bugger

I love robber stories...especially funny ones.
Sometimes Murphy's Law just happens to the right people

Peak cap, suede coat, gentleman demeanor....every bit the English Gent
Image hosted by
DB bringing his kids to the play on 29th Dec

Alritey, thats all for now, time for the wishes and wants....

huff and a puff!

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Butler said...

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