Saturday, January 08, 2005

Shock 'n' Awe aka
"i love russian tennis players in itsy bitsy tiny yellow bikinis"

I'm suffering from lack of sleep, but i shouldn't let that interfere with your need for entertaining rambles...
Just gotta share a couple of stuff with ya before i go into zombie mode...

Ms Anna K...aka "sexy legs", "with love from russia", Ms "took-pity-on-enrique"...was recently spotted enjoying her hols, sunbathing, having a bit of sun, sand and sea...
Well, there was a lot to be seen, in pictures shown in sequence:
(following pictures Not Safe For Work...but since u are not at work, its ok)

nice tat, as she prepares to change from her bikinis

thinks to herself:"hmm, something ain't right somewhere.." and...

proceeds to check out the problem


ah, problem fixed

ok, u guys can breathe now ^_^
Ms Anna K finally answers the question we've been pondering for ages...she is definitely a blond =P...and she's bald downunder, woohoo!

Phew, guess thats enough excitement for one posting eh?
Wait up! one last pic to go, specially for my pal Ibby
super hi-res pic of Mandy


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Anonymous said...

simone, thanks for that mandy moore picture! *before google, there was simone mok.*