Friday, November 28, 2008


Always nice to be back after a hard nite. pic from 2 sundays ago (yeah, i'm such a lazy bum lately, sorry)...

wtaps jungle|coolmax polo|levis lvc|stussy luminox|visvim namjun

Ode to the OG 'Nam SEAL rogues, who rocked denims with their BDU's in jungle ops
from NATO to luftwaffe

And after weeks of weak excuses, i finally managed to change out the NATO strap for the wiredH watch, opting for the luftwaffe croc watch strap. Looks tough, yup!
Michael Lau for Nike AF1 1World "Crazy Force"

Yet another unattainable pair by MLau
Sometimes you just wish you don't see what you can't get, then you don't yearn for it so much, hahah
Help, anyone?

Rihanna for Gucci UNICEF
Saw the posters out in town for Gucci's Tattoo Heart collection. Nothing too fantastic, but i do like sailor tattoos... ha



Eugene Kan said...

What size do you need for the Air Force 1s?

xymon said...

size 10 pls!

JM said...

hi dude

the wired h is really nice.
where did you buy it? as in is it avaliable in SG?
also nice strap.

xymon said...

its the 1st version for honeyee web (hence the "h" in the model).
jpn only release, go check the site