Sunday, November 16, 2008

are you dancer


Skies opened up the past couple days enough for me to pull out the ACR S-J4TS. I must say, its the most perfect jacket i've ever worn...and the colorway even matches my Vis Nam-Jum's(!)


Yet more tees: Finally got my hands on the Sillything x Stussy (thats not over-priced) and a very retro GDEH tee (i only remembered vaguely seeing it from a Jap mag)

Never one to pass up a good deal (unfortunately for my wallet, there were many), snapped up this Stussy x NBDH Boneyards "Bandit" shades for a pretty penny. Now i can look like a motorcycle meanie or a bugged out Bono...LOL


stussy|LVC|NB587: does my ass look big? its just the sag, LOL
Went strolling thru' town with the GF, the x'mas lights and decor is up and running. Everyone's in a hurry to snag the festive dollar before the recession close up their wallets
Spotted these on the supermart shelf and promptly picked up :)

It really tastes like the McFlurry ice-cream! So cool

Also picked up a copy of Newsweek

...doesn't Obama look endearingly like Alfred?
I almost expect the cover to read "what, me worry?", but of course loved the fact that Newsweek simply left it at "44": short and sweet
Y'all seen the 700+ mag covers of his historic win, so how about this?

Awesome mosaic by an enthusiastic fan, with viewable version and super hi-res printable version for your download!

stuff i'm lovin'

These wingtips work boots from GROK leather for SPIT are fantastic. Imagine a well-worn oiled and scuffed pair...perfect

The Killers "Human" at MTV:EMA

This vid is simply incredible. I mean, catchy song and all, but the combination of video display and stage setup is amazing: from "how'd they do that?" to "oh wow"
But before you get ahead of yourself, check out what the same production company did for Etienne De Crecy: serious mind-f**k!

I've no idea whether you guys noticed this, but i certainly did while watching Wall*E
This cute little robot that was doing welding work and got locked out of the space station in the midst of Wall*E's adventures! And now Pixar has built a little film short that happens in the concurrent time-space as the movie!

So based on an automobile upskirt, more than a 100 wealthy b******s, ahem folks signed up for only 77-made Aston's
Then again, you know they're gonna throw everything at this baby for a truly memorable work of art:

Normally you get CarbonFibre body, Aluminum chasis, but the one-77 is CF chasis and AL body...whoa
so Steven Meisel's Dogging photos were deemed too racy for Vogue Italia, but V mag picked it up

I don't know whats the fuss, perhaps it was a publicity move by Steven or VMag? cos they were simply a tribute to Kohei Yoshiyuki's The Park (1971)

voiceover feature by NY Times and the write-up
photos via Yossi Milo Gallery
OK, last vid of the post
"Get your 90's on"

cos i'm so so retro....hahhaha
"tamagotchi...beanie baby"

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