Sunday, September 07, 2008

i feel a whirlwind inside of my head

pick ups
couple of new pick ups

Michael Lau for HK clothing label Giordano...yep, more print tees for the wardrobe
Comes in a useful little wash-bag of sorts, great for wet laundry or toiletries
Anyone wants a piece, hit me up

Waited long enough for clearance sales, Marc Jacobs for Wrangler Jeans
Really love the quality and cut of the denim, well worth the (discounted) price
Get 'em while you can
Went on several touch 'n' go trips the past week or so... seriously tiring
MANILA: 25hrs straight and then back home

even the airport doesn't wanna say "Hay" to me...

back home for a couple of days
futuralabs | levis lvc | ape manhunt | monocle
JAKARTA: 22hrs

back to a familiar place, only with a better view, not that i could enjoy much of it...'cept for a wonderful massage ;)

L: uniqlo | MJwrangler | NB576
R: company polo | levis503B | NB576 | porternbhd
and then fly straight to
BALI: where thankfully it was only 18hrs

managed to get a lovely pad this time round... boy i love spending on company budget, ha

L-R: reconstash "london" | visvim eiger | undercover
great chillout time at Kuta as always, great way to end the whirlwind tour with some quality booty spotting



L-R: atomic, pointmen, KRYLON, FLOM
Box logo look with a Fu' twist, I'm likin' these!

and me so likey these tee prints! Lenny takes the most expressive shots

interesting edgy print ads for Wrangler...

still super tired in the head, so more posts later aight

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