Sunday, September 14, 2008

feelin' irie

get-ups to no-good from last week

channelling HF
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Finally caught Wall*E at the theatres...and boy, was it worth the money. Do catch the enhanced digital version if you can. I wonder if they released one for IMAX, i could so watch the flick all day. Definitely in the top5 films of the year, for the shear accessibility to the story by all age-groups

A quick change-up thereafter for a friend's wedding get-together
and back after several red wine and beers...

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I need sleep so so much...i wonder why, is it chronic fatigue? or did i catch the sleeping bug? It irritates me that i've been missing out on lots of EPL soccer action

"chapter know what that is?"

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Popped by town for lunch with a friend before she heads out to Dubai for work. Gosh, from the sound of things, its pretty lucrative to work there...i sure wouldn't mind some time there, they can pay me in crude! haha

male on mail action
Just about the only thing that gets my attention these days:waiting for the postmen to drop by
Slight delay on the package delivery, but thank god the postman remembered my name/address (yes, i must be on their irritating-frequent-delivery-idiot alert thingie)

Big ups to the master of quick fingers for pulling the trigger on these
Stussy x Neighborhood Boneyards "script" tee : the only thing worth getting form the collection besides the denim
Stussy "tube" tee : as the buddy said:"dude, you're like living your life based on Shawn Stussy's philosophy" haha. Shawn single-handedly inspired and started my wardrobe of tees

Next threesome pretty much complimented one another as they arrive in the post

Resonate Goodenough: windbreaker/shell jacket of sorts in the design of an Alpha MA-1 flight jacket. Way more wearable than the Stussy XXV MA-1 in our weather here. Peep the details and the tracksuit-like wordings on the underside of sleeve

Soft vintagey cotton tees are a must just like what the boys at scoute said. Scooped this CDG homme T up for cheap

Ah, the package for this finally arrived, with the envelope all smashed up and dodgy, it literally looked as if it went through sea freight.
Junya Watanabe for Levis JW503: i'm getting addicted to the 503 cut, and this one is distressed at all the right places (including missing seams at the back pocket arches). Released couple seasons back, with printed motif paying homage to the La Meije, this sits in great company to my other JW503
don't you think its a compatible 3-piece? =)


L: Sophnet damaged denim - washed indigo and cinch back is so tempting
R: Goodenough - quirky wordings yet again

OriginalFake x G1950 ashtray: "your pleasure is my pain"
what a lovely name!

Unrivaled L/S tees: mmm-mmm, i need me some anarchic goodness. perfect for A/W

WackoMaria : did someone say comfy tees? these jazz legend prints fit the bill pretty well

Quantum of Solace trailer

Looking very nice indeed... very very nice


Xtina at VMA: boing!

Rihanna at VMA pt1: Boing boing!

Rihanna at VMA pt2: sssmokin'!

Laters y'all

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