Saturday, August 02, 2008


Just clearing up some random clutter on the cache and links...

some Resonate basic neccessities with BaseControl... sorta like the old GDEHUK "plus" prints, extended to boxers :)

more basic-wear from Kiyonaga's smart-casual experiment outfit

some Gallery1950 new the colors!

simple FCRB print, reminds me of stencil-artwork

speaking of stencils... new BullInk prints...

and college-font front with a little WestCoast trip


straight up legend Natas

upcoming Dickies Eu edition (RRTHQ's on the money) and Bobbito!

of course nice photo shoot (not so nice camera flash, i know)

tsk tsk
Spotted by the eagle-eyed Trooper within minutes of getting hands on this issue

My fave Camacho with fangs?!
How could "brilliant and innovative design collective" UpperPlayground miss this??

Oh man, i don't even know where to begin with this review of domestic
ripoffs of KISS-style troopers ala BillMcMullen/SwishNYC, even fellow countrymen BRKNHM's dunk sole! heck they seem to have just raided the digitalgravel catalog!

I never really like to post celebs in streetgear
and i can speak for more than a couple of folks who dislike JM's penchant of buying into his own hype (but then again, it could be jealousy coz he's money enough to own more than several vintage rare Roleys... but more importantly, he gets Janniston's bubble butt on tap 24/7)

Spotted in hype-kidz' wet dream Kaws AF1

mmm... ACR dopeness... wonder if he gets em at premium tier?

and of course, rocking the Visvim freebies from HN with gusto. i do like the Foleys though...anyone pass me a pair?


ooh mama

Rihanna in Milan

Speaking of single Disturbia
...bum-bum-bee-dum bum-bum-bee-dum-bum...

Jessica overload!!!

awesome animation and tunes!
peep more from contributor

laters y'all

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