Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stuff cont'd

Chanced upon this quirky and utterly addictive site for unnecessary knowledge...will be dropping them randomly over the post =)

Pick ups
USN-BUShips for UDT

Automatic version of the USN-issued watch for Uunderwater Demolition Team (UDT) members during the Korean War
Just love the fact that seller noted on package: "horological parts from flea market"...that'll distract customs and postal staff! haha

GDEH x Supreme

One of my grails copped, much thanks to Chris. Love that reflective print!

Stussy x Alpha Industries MA-1

I do spend ridiculous amount of time trawling the 'bay, but i'd say its more a way to past time more than anything. But its times when shoddy auction titling gets you a flight jacket shipped at less than the price of a brand new tee thats priceless.
Perfect for the collection, prolly not the hot weather now, but just lovely
Speaking of auctions, check out this baby that ended recently:
vintage Levis 201 from 1890s

and my size too! but $36k...whoa

Yet more proddy pics to post up

Absolutely stunning pair of weathered leather boots...if only i could afford it
new CDG Play

black hearts... mmm...i like!
A/W 0809

L: Interesting button-down shirt with ribbed sleeve (like sweaters)
R: Striped double-layer button-downs

L: always in awe how HK manages to make them so cool: Mountain Parka
R: Multi-function Pants - pockets for mobile, notepads, stationery, bookstore...

Danner boots for SOPHnet's 10th anni... tough and dependable as always. Red laces on beige really set it off
Uniform Experiment
I'd consder this spin-off label by HK and HF as a more comprehensive RSNT + BaseControl

L: 5pocket
R: utility tees and hoodie

L: basic crew neck L/S in various colored cuffs
R: some accessries to pair up, in signature UE logos

Saw this on auctions not too long ago, insanely pricey for a carabiner!

Quite feel this pair of leather bracelets...but prolly not for my skinny hands
Rock Steady tees

L: x w)taps
R: x WackoMaria
Seldom seen label RockSteady rocks out with a couple of notable collabs recently, including these 2 tees
Lebron + Yao for Coca Cola
awesome 30second 3D ad

peep the vid here



Heidi Klum by Rankin
I love the short crop 'do, almost ouldn't recognise Heidi!


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Tony H said...

so you just browse around on ebay when you have some money to spend?

wow, I need to check that out more often, but Im always so suspicious of fakes

btw that Supreme tee is Sick!