Sunday, August 03, 2008

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Couple of notable upcoming releases from New Balance
Focus is on the 900-series, the premium tier of NB's heritage trove of runners

Lotsa diehards (myself included) hated on the Zip platform when it was launched quite some time back. "Too similar" was the oft-heard response, there were much more unsavory comments for sure, but lets not go there. Instead, pull on a pair and compare is what i'd suggest. Compare the Zip against the supposed other brand who's "there first". If you still think the NB Zip pales in comparison in performance and comfort, then your disdain is valid. Else, just keep the comments to yourself, 'nuff said.

L: NB991 Italian leather
R: NB MT580 Goretex

Opposite ends of the color spectrum: The 991 gets the premium Italian leather treatment, and avail in Jap-friendly monotones; while perrenial Mita-fave MT580 gets drenched in CYMK color mode over Goretex, thats also very Ura-Hara-friendly.
That Magenta pair is a hot fave for my feet, simply coz it means i get to change my entire wardrobe just to match it! LOL

A very sci-fi look for the 996. One of the most comfy models yet. It looks just like the Bape x NERD bapesta, no? Must-get!
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Pigeon Dropping

OK, pic unrelated, but funny all the same... haha

Over a year in the making, and bad news leaks (those pesky french blogs) after, the Pigeon NB finally drops
Applying the signature colorway of Staple's infamous NYC "Pigeon" SB on the NB Trail 575 model, it makes a smooth transition and doesn't look out of place at all.
I'd say its a more rugged pair for biking and trudging through the streets than say an SB
Hyperstriking through your favorite shoe boutiques this week, be quick

For the matchy-macpherson hypebeasts, you can grab the Pigeon tee from Staple's Spring release, or the collab print (with the bird in flight)

Seeya at the stores!

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