Sunday, January 01, 2006

In a blink of an eye...
Was it as fast for you as it was for me? Did i miss out on something, or did '05 fly by so damn quick? Where was my New Year's resolution?hmm, not that it matters anyway huh? Well, i've always had a recurring resolution if you will. And that is to keep in constant contact with my pals, close or acquaintances. I guess nothing beats the personal sense of contact, be it a simple verbal greeting, a smile, a nod of the head in recognition, an sms note... I know i'm grateful for the messages on my mobile over the past few days from colleagues, long time pals, former co-workers, collaborators and most importantly loved ones. Thanks to one and all for the support and help for the past year, cheers to the oh-six!

continueing the trend from the couture houses, lovely bears from gdeh...
anyone got a spare for me?
Last pick-ups for 05
The final few damage to my CC...worth waiting for.
I didn't get any of the stussy XXV anniversary tees for the whole year...till now. Simply adore the use of denim for the classic skull image of stussy, props to PAM for the design!
Also managed to snag the Supreme "Teenage Lust" tee by Larry Clarke for a (more than) fair price of the 'bay, it'll be lying next to my "Tera Patrick" photo tee for good company.

And on the eve of New Year's Eve, what do i spy in my doorway? A mysterious package, oddly packed? As i take a closer peek, curiouser and curiouser i get...
of Japanese wordings origins?
Calbee chips?
Ah, the badness reveal thyself
Behold thy new jacket for '06, just in time for the cool weather
Much props to buddy Sam for the hook up. Been wanting to get a w)taps jacket for the longest time, and these "rogue Squadron" digs are high on my wants-list. Awesome details, reknowned craftsmanship, ripstop threads...i'm gushing.

So much so i busted them out for a short stroll round town.
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Couldn't believe my luck at the empty parking lots in supposed-busy downtown. Parked, and went to shopping for a Crumpler pack for a cousin. Did the usual popping in and out of boutiques before heading for a bite. Thats when the huge crowds hit me. literally. No cars doesn't mean no crowds, theres still the loads of free-spending tourists and families coming by the trainloads on the public transport...bummer. Decided to take the hike (ride) for home and some much-needed shut-eye. Been working over the new year's weekend holidays and i'm spent. Much of the same routine tomorrow before the start of "normal" grind yet again.

Have a great year ahead!


PiggyCanHack said...

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PiggyCanHack said...

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PiggyCanHack said...

oh man ops, and i was blogging multiple times cuz yea i thought it didnt show up soRRY!