Sunday, January 22, 2006

Managed to squeeze in a little time to pop by the local installation by Nike SG: [w]air.
The concept is to seat the showcase of Nike's latest innovation in a temporarily rented 3-storey shophouse just off the popular clubbing district of Mohamed Sultan Rd. The move captures the niche that sneaker game has evolved into: upmarket, sophisticated and personalized.

The front entrance, with the trademark simplistic touch ala NikeID.

The sense of evolution is key to Nike's launch of the Air Max 360, which celebrates and pays tribute to 3 decades of Nike Air. A huge mural tells the story of the important incarnations of the Air Max: AM1, AM180, AM93, AM95, AM97, AM03.

A fitting complement is the wall of television sets displaying the popular models of the various Air Max over the years, with their ads interspersed in between. A very MTV-like touch to the way sneaker-collecting has exploded through the 80s and 90s like the teen-empowered tv-channel. Models from the OG colorways to collaborations like the AM90 snakeskin, Urawa Reds, Atmos 95, Safari's, Kid-Robot, to the new Nom de Guerre and Opium editions were shown to mouth-watering effect.
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Up the stairs to 2nd floor, i'm greeted by the now infamous "air bubble" floor, albeit a smaller version than the tokyo one. Here was where the visitor is able to do their pre-orders for the new Air Max 360, and view the new shoe upclose.
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more like "sit" on air =)

A quick view from 2nd floor before heading to the final level

where Nike's new direction in personalization and technology is presented by the Nike ID experience. Word is that it will soon be available to SG and elsewhere in Asia-Pac, save up. View of the ID room, with Id packs serving as back-drop

and the tool of trade:

Overall, a nice preview and concept visually well-executed as expected of the brand. Though i did feel that there needed to be more substance in the form of physical products to pique the casual visitor. But then again, i'm a sneaker-lover, i'm biased anyway, ha.

I won't do the usual surge of pictures of the Air360 and the long list of limited editions coming out this weekend and the coming weeks. Instead, here's a little sequence from the nike [w]air promo flyer: The Evolving Revolution

From the Air Max 87
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to the Air Max 180
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to the Air Max 95
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to the Air Max 360. It has come full circle, a nod to the past while embracing the future.

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