Friday, January 13, 2006

the 13th
Wierd thing is, the 13th does nothing for me, other than its yet another weekend (bored yay). Nothing much to shout about, but please go check out streetwear today (duh)

cover:Burton Idiom; Feit footwear; KDU:david gensler; F*Awesome pics

brokenhome; one true saxon; jeff staple (i have that tee too!); lakai - denim design - umbrella
Coincidental stuff as well, since i mentioned Umbrella Market's site a couple weeks prior (maybe Stevie saw it too, ha!)

NB 574 limited edition Q3 '06

First peek: nice mix of materials fo the 574. Great for NB's centennial year. Look for more Tier 1 items in the months to come. Local peeps, get ready for a power-packed contest to celebrate (more details to come)
random pix:

Gisele for LV
McFlurry is yummy. afterEight version? i can't even begin to imagine!
double the yummy from Jenn Love Hewitt

wash-out 11th Jan
I can't believe the amount of rain that's been pouring down lately. Seriously, its like the heaven's been storing the motherlode for years and decided to open up these few days. It must have been years (even decades) since i last witnessed more than 24hours of rain (its that rare here). Had to break out the old Presto Roams for work. Can't beat good old Goretex on a Nike. Heck, who am i kidding, i just can't afford the Visvim duckboots...
Wore the old 2001 Stussy Tribe Party sweat as well

Little Vanguard 7th Jan

Long time since i wore this tee. I do sometimes think of what Tet (of wtaps) was thinking when he did this collab tee for Stussy. Its sort of like a soccer jersey theme (think soph:fcrb). But the words "LttlVngrd"...was it a play on Louis Vuitton? or did he mean a pretty dated anime soccer cartoon loosely translated to Mandarin being "xiao xuan feng"? It might make some sense since the main character is a pint-sized superb genius of a striker (where the position is always viewed as the vanguard of a team's attack)

Then again, maybe i'm just crazy thinking about tee prints

Jan 5th Jan

How things change in a matter of days. Its been up and down for me in just a short span of 2 days. Brought up to a hopeful high and all come crashing down in a couple of hours.
Its also quite possibly the most awful birthday i've ever had. I'm not even sure of what i was doing at work, much less stayed there for 13 hours straight. Probably i didn't want to faced the truth when i came back to face reality, friends and fam. I don't think i was ever so down in spirits, even my pal Yanz was shocked.
What a way to spend a birthday...oh yeah, heres my solitary piece of cake i ate at the midnite of the 1st day of my new age.

bah! humbug!

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