Sunday, January 15, 2006

how does reflective print work?

I seriously have no idea. I always thought the reflective material will get washed away each time in the tumbler. Doesn't seem to happen to my tee though (i ain't complaining). Can't believe the blazing sun the past 2 days...maybe someone's "rain rain go away" charm woked, i don't care. It only means one thing: i can rock my kicks finally!
Its like 2 weeks to the Lunar New Year, shopping streets and cash tills have barely recovered from the festive punishments from '05 and now more sales?! I'm just content with leisurely strolls amid the crazy crowd and window shopping thank you. Afterall, wearing red for the new year ain't my thing. Went passed the new Gallery store while acompanying the gal on surfwear shopping. Thank heavens i had no intention of going in there, i swore i was style-checked by the hangers-on ouside the store like 50yards before i even stepped in. Sad thing was, fools prob didn't know it was a Complete Finesse get-up, and not least by Kostas, pfft. Oh well, to each his own. I've no time for them. Saw their stock on window display, so thats where the kids have been buying futura p-rods, marvel bapesta's etc and reselling on the 'bay. Not really feeling those stuffs these days.
Yet more pickups in the '06

"No War" by Michael Lau x Levis, courtesy of homeboy & master collector jlamkk, who's been clearing his massive collection to move to new locale. "Mout exhibition" tee from the regular ebay scope...i like camo (if you didn't know already)

Squarewolf tees
comic relief
I had a funny encounter with a tele-marketer just the other day (produced ad verbatim as best as i can):
**ring ring (what? my phone can't ring like that?)
me: hello
dude: harlow, you using s_v broadband tv? you interested in internet, broadband? broadband internet? (in broken english i never knew still existed)
me: (urg, must be some desparate teen marketer, but i'll just let him earn his pay) yes, so tell me more
dude: oh, ok (probably surprised i haven't hung up yet). this offer is for s_v broadband tv subscrivers only. if you sign up for this new offer ah, s_v will give you a free computer. yah, free computer, very good deal.
me: oh. (i've been wanting a cheap affordable pc for folks at home just to surf net anyways) tell me about the computer (meaning: i want to know the specs)
dude: yah, its a free. you want?
me: i mean, tell me about the, what hardware/software the free pc will have (helpfully pushing the conversation along. gosh, his supervisor is gonna owe me lots for this free coaching)
dude: orh, this one ah, is very good deal, worth thousand over dollars. has Pentium 4 A-D-M processor, err, sorry, A-M-D. 40 Gee-Bee hard disk - internal one; 256 eM-Gee memory. also got cd-rom drive, can play cd; video card - integrated; sound card - integrated (at this point, i almost expected him to tell me the power-on switch will be integrated as well. but i'm too busy rolling on the floor laughing)
me: o-kay (after recovering composure)
dude: oh, you don't like? (sensing my apprehension) (i swear, this kid learns fast, might have future in marketing. might)
actua-early ah, this pc not so good one, abit old old already (at this point, i swear he can hear my laughter). tell you what, you pay $149 i can upgrade the pc for you to 80 Gee-Bee and some more, got CD/DVD rom combo drive. this means ah, you get TWO drives in one, very good deal (for the umpteenth time).
me: (wiping tears from my eyes) oh man, its a sweet deal, but...
dude: but its ok, you can take your time to consider
me: when will this offer be till?
dude: tomorrow. don't worry! i'll call you again to confirm ok? (he gets eager, he must sense a commission coming)
me: (giving up) ok, whatever. bye..
dude: (in his earnest) bye-bye, tank kew!

In any case, here's a helpful (playful) counterscript to the tele-marketer pest

have a nice weekend y'all

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