Sunday, February 22, 2009

disappearing act

Got called downunder at last moment's notice late last weekend. Had to ignore colleagues' and even the bosses' snide comments about how its gonna be a holiday trip. I think its a waste of my breath trying to refute them, so i didn't bother... (i hate corporate backstabbings). Arrived bright and early in Brisbane, managed to get some lazy shut-eye before venturing out to work

a wedding on V-Day just makes me miss home that little bit more
City Hall at night on the return to the hotel

the view at 0500 in the morn (yawn), as a result of lousy planning and huge dose of Murphy's Law (more on that a little later)

so as if busting my butt working in the blistering heat isn't enough, i had to bust the shin too (ouch). i swear at the moment Murphy truly was my middle name.
Oh well, at least i could finally head back, but not before i snag some discount Oakleys and merino for the lady of course

i couldn't resist them :)

Supreme "script" T

I really like the pink on grey. so hard to find one in pristine condition

Visvim McQueen civilian pant

These kinda grow on you over time, not least because of the quirky "flap-pocket" on the rear. I like the colored buttons and grommets too. thanks Hans!

late nite ops

company polo|fenom rollup|vis namjun|s2c luminox|hp blackbeauty
This must be the month of lost weekends. At least it was a quicky last night, and i could snuggle back in bed in less than an hour


short feature on the Zoomer!

i love the colors for Spring

some chair porn perhaps?

ah, one of the best spread for menswear yet. great jackets; sophnet, incotex pants; visvim deck shoes and serra's, this is one lovely setup

great editorial on Syria as well
NexusVII x Porter Birkin

ah, this is a great make don't you think? Sure you can cry ripoff/knockoff whatevs, but to do it with the quality and sleekness that is N7? dopeness!
WANT essentials Kansai portfolio

oh man, if this doesn't get me to buy an imac, nothing will. the cleancut crisp construction, that burgundy color concoction, laptop case cum
Visvim 5nation Ingall

why? what? how? does hiroki know that 5nation strip takes my heart? the round neck collar makes it more casual than anything, but then i'm just finding excuses not to spend the $$$...urgh

although i'm more than willing to part my money for the gingham and traditional button-downs from hpp...problem is how to beat the hype crowd...hmm
nike release @ Proper

Probably simple, run of the mill mall releases, but Proper does such a good job of shooting them. So go get them kicks!
Coming Soon
Futura Laboratories 10th anniversary
Sure, its like a mish-mash of logos for an anniv tee as usual, but then its Fu and Tarantula, ya just gotta get it, geddit?

Original Fake Be@rbrick
watch kids camp days and crash internet servers for the 1000%, trust me

Nike Air Royal mid
I'd say these are touch n go, but it'll still be interesting to see these in person just to be sure. Its the season for clean/pristine looks and these seem to fit the bill

Supreme S/S09
y'all know where to get the snagged pics already (since supreme took theirs down), so these are just some of my pick of the season-drop so far (yeap, we all know something's cooking up James' sleeve for the 15th ;)

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition
covergirl Bar Rafaeli shows off her (low, low) tanline and tight bod that Leo DiCap knows too well

hottie Lucia Dvorska doesn't disappoint as well

Laetitia editorial

wait, Leo broke off with her to be with Bar? hmm...

Laters y'all :)

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