Tuesday, June 03, 2008

nostalgia: 100% dangerous

Been a real hectic week of opening up the mailbox, and i would expect a hectic month in the coming weeks on my plastic. Seriously, nostalgia's a bitch on the wallet, but how can i resist?
W)TAPS AK729 "terrorist"
This pair must been a hoot at the postal office, imagine what the dude behind the xray machine must be thinking: well-padded shipping box, wooden containers, arabic fonts, words "dangerous" and "Iranian Central Information" all over... lol

I don't care if its laser-engraved, knife-etched or scratched by hand...its intricate and too dope for words

Oh yes, Tetleaves his mark
If the perennial vinyl-king Michael Lau is the godfather of designer/streetwear vinyl, this pair epitomizes the pulse of Urahara-style at the time. How many times i thumbed thru' the Jap mags, yearning for those taps camo bdu's and iconic thunder-bone logo. Last pic shows the normal version (in human form and visible tiger camo DPM) and evil version (red eyes, black-everything and of course those rebel black-pink Vans)...sure brings back lovely memories
Undercover lows

Looking at yet another daily 'beater ala the rubber-sole Chucks, this pair, which was released not too long ago, eskews it however slightly with a full goat-leather upper.
Why is goat leather so dope? It is extremely tough, flexible and water resistant; translation: long-lasting, foot hugging sheath that does not crack or harden when wet. On the pretext of emulating the evergreen sneaker, this is truly "undercoverism for rebels" indeed
Couple of new summer prints

Nike Stussy NBHD: Boneyards
Peep the exclusive feature from the ever-reliable BGHD

One may notice the "iconography-ish" design like F2K's logo-imprint style, but i'm intrigued by the texture of the uppers. Are my eyes playing tricks, or are the canvas/vinyl-like? Hmmm...
Stusy shirts

Quite feelin' these "kit shirts". Avail in Purple and Black Hawaiian print
i'm brain dead during midweek, so heres a lil' something something
Not that i'd try at the local Mac D's, but hey, if you're adventurous enough....


Say it Again
OK, so i'm late with Marie Digby, but damn, she;s oh so fine....
and of course, so so cute in her famous "Umbrella" vid...ella ella ey ey ey....

Kristen Bell

we lauded her lovely rear last post, heres more peeks

Battlestar Galactica

BG turns up the publicity notch prior to finale season, heres close up of the Richard Prince shots for Interview mag

Grace Park - Complex Mag

Fan-fave Park graces the cover of Complex mag
go send hate mail to them for the lo-res pics... hahahha

gotta get some shut-eye... more evil laters!

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